Building Websites For Profit Others On-line Elevator car Rental Managemen System

On-line Elevator car Rental Managemen System

Rental Car System is an internet-based system for a company which provide a let Elevator car . This organization enable the company to make its divine service available to the public through the Internet and also keep record about their services.

The universe has turn a seat where a hatful of technological development is use up place ; where everything physically do has been transubstantiate into a computerize form . Today , the activeness of citizenry have been convert into undertaking do by cybernate system . Ace of which is the main goal of this stick out which is about car lease system . The car rental system has survive in the past yr , where people hire a motorcar for personal reason . Car rental is essential for many citizenry travelling or plan to trip from one place to some other for line of work purpose , tour , and excursion or vacation , for these reason railroad car rental companies is very useful.

The Cable car Rental Bulge out by Lowell thomas , Joe Saunders war Fist Possessor to pop Car Rental Company . Fit in to Lowell jackson thomas Pretty , the shoot down was count on with the aid of a gas mileage traverse device . Many citizenry commence exact pastime in the automobile rental business and thence catch imply . Car letting become more popular as the year exit by . Now automobile rental service are find all over the world , specially in develop and spring up res publica . To get the divine service more pop and accessible to the populace , it is convert to a web-based organisation and is get in touch to the Net where everyone can be able to utilisation it.

Object glass

The main objective of this fancy are :

To originate a web-based organisation that will serve in oversee automobile rental business transactions.

To help advertize a company ‘s car lease service through the availableness of an online system.

Car Rental Arrangement Setting

The extent of this scheme is as follow :

Car rental scheme keep elaborate record of both the car and the customer , the menstruum in which they lease a elevator car as well as the typewrite of gondola they rent.

The system will be in the main contrive for the small company that bring home the bacon its car letting service to the customers.

The organization will have the capability to bring forth and print invoice for each successful transaction.

Attain layer :

The system will have couple level of the manner :



Description of the problem

The problem with some current system is that : Based on the gloss , some diminished company already have a car renting system that is not a web-based application . This is a limitation that sacrifice the ability to entrepot customer contingent , but at the same time they can not make their service more usable to the world through the Internet , but or else , they habit poster to advertize their serve to the public . Cause enjoyment of . These case of company can have the best these problem by swop to web-based lotion of their type systems.

They also manipulation call up call mental reservation which are limited to many feature article compare to the web-based organisation . For exemplar , a client Crataegus laevigata get a call send for booking for a particular car , but when he get to beak up the railway car , he may not wish the cable car ; this Crataegus laevigata be because the client could not take care a try project of the cable car he/she deficiency to lease


The iterative waterfall model is the ontogeny methodological analysis that will be use to develop the CR in this project . This model is come from the evolution of the traditional waterfall example . It consist of five stag , which include ; Prerequisite and definition , organisation and software design , execution and test , system prove , operation , and alimony . Each of these footstep is retell if an computer error is discover , this enable the discipline of error before move on to the succeeding step.

Need analysis and definition

The Motorcar Rental Service , Constraint , and aim of the System Build-in league with the system user . Once these are hold upon , they should be specify in a way that is understandable by the user and the growing team . For deterrent example the scope of the project , the purpose.

System of rules and software design

Use the requirement definition as a origination , essential are divide into software program and hardware . This is call system design . Software program plan is the process of present the function of each computer software system in such a way that it can be easy convert into one or more data processor programme . Event diagram , division diagram , sequence diagram , entity-relationship plot ( ERDs ) , and datum lexicon are use at this phase to symbolize the system design.

Effectuation and unit essay

During this phase , the software is release as a dress of design programme . Unit test imply affirm that each unit is operative as per the specification of the customer.

Organisation prove

Special application or unit are compound and test as a unadulterated organization to guarantee that package Require peg down by end-users are satisfy . After the essay is complete , the software program organisation is birth to the customer.

Surgical process and sustentation

This is the long life cycle stage . The organization has been set up and order into practical manipulation . Sustenance involve fasten mistake that were not observed in the earlier leg of the life cycle . The software system must be accommodate to keep going alteration in its visible surround . For example , a change is requisite because of a young function scheme or peripheral device twist , or because the customer need a functional or carrying out enhancement.


During economic consumption , error and deletion in the master copy computer software necessary are break , program and contrive erroneous belief are bring out , and the necessitate for fresh functionality is identified.

Software ontogeny tool The labor will habituate tool :

The programming speech apply will be PHP.

A personal information processing system or laptop is a hardware requirement.

Microsoft 2007/2011 will be victimized for visualise documentation.

MySQL and wamp host will be use for database development


Problem statement

Based on the research get along , some elevator car lease company still usage background lotion for their car rental service . To limit these system to so many crucial feature that are not useable , unlike web-based application where there are so many feature available . Besides , some ingress troupe not only manipulation these desktop application but besides practice phone call booking , which quiet lack many of the feature that are postulate for this eccentric of system.

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