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Understanding the Costs: Your Guide to Taxes and Payments When Buying Property in Northern Cyprus 

Investing in property in Northern Cyprus can be an enticing prospect due to its appealing Mediterranean location and favorable economic conditions. However, understanding the financial obligations, including taxes and additional payments associated with property acquisition in this region, is crucial for any buyer. This guide outlines the essential taxes and fees to anticipate when purchasing property in Northern Cyprus, ensuring you are fully informed before making your investment.

  1. Stamp Duty

When you purchase property in Northern Cyprus, you are required to pay a Stamp Duty, which is essentially a tax levied on the documents involved in the property transaction. The Stamp Duty rate is set at 0.5% of the property’s contract price and is payable to the tax authorities. This fee must be paid unless otherwise arranged within the sales contract.

  1. Capital Gains Tax (Stopaj Tax)

The Capital Gains Tax, known locally as Stopaj Tax, is generally the seller’s responsibility. However, it can be negotiated differently within the purchase agreement. The tax rate varies:

  • Professional Sellers: 4% of the contract price.

Private Individuals: 2.8% of the contract price.

  • This differentiation is based on whether the seller is a professional entity or an individual who has sold more than three properties.
  1. VAT (Value Added Tax)

VAT is a significant financial consideration for buyers, typically amounting to 5% of the contract price. Parties may agree to defer VAT payment until the registration and transfer of the property’s title.

  1. Transfer Tax

Historically, foreigners enjoyed a one-time reduced transfer tax rate of 3% upon their first property purchase. However, current regulations require a 6% tax at the time of property registration with the Land Registry (TAPU), with an additional 6% due upon title transfer, totaling a 12% transfer tax for foreigners. Occasionally, government amnesties allow for a reduced rate of 1%, providing a potential saving for timely investors.

  1. Additional Payments
  • Transformer Fee (Trafo): This fee covers the costs for connecting electrical and water utilities in new developments, varying between £1,500 and £3,000.
  • Electricity and Water Meters: Installation and connection fees for these utilities typically do not exceed £500-£800 and are the buyer’s responsibility.
  • Assignment of Purchase Agreement: If transferring a purchase agreement to a new owner, fees ranging from £500 to £3,000 may apply, depending on the terms set out in the original agreement.


Understanding the various taxes and fees associated with buying property in Northern Cyprus is essential for anyone looking to invest in the region. These costs can significantly affect the overall investment and should be carefully considered and planned for. By familiarizing yourself with these financial obligations, you can ensure a smoother and more predictable property purchase process.

Additional Information

This guide only scratches the surface of buying property in Northern Cyprus. For those interested in exploring further, topics such as living benefits, property types, real estate features, and more are detailed in a comprehensive article here. This resource provides deeper insights into the advantages of investing and living in Northern Cyprus, along with practical advice on navigating the local real estate market.

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